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Mike Streezy “It’s Big What You Did”

Born in North Little Rock and raised in Little Rock, Mike Streezy is Christian Hip Hop. Yes. Christian Hip Hop. At its finest.

He uses the experiences and stories thats he’s had in his life to reach people who may be struggling & hurting and give them hope. He is the owner of Nod Ya Head Entertainment and has a new album entitled Layers set to be released in February. Below is the lead single from the album called It’s Big What You Did. Stay current with Mike HERE and you can preview other tracks from Layers HERE.

Keep up with him here: @MikeStreezy


Mike Streezy – It’s Big What You Did

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3TM Year In Review: Independent 3threat of 2009 – Mike Streezy

Mike Streezy is not a rapper. Mike Streezy is a true Hip Hop scholar and an inspiration to all aspiring artists within the urban music industry. Whilst he did not achieve platinum record sales or superstar collaborations in 2009, the unconventional Arkansas MC gained nothing but respect and admiration from his peers on both a local and international level for his indestructable work ethic and unwillingness to conform to industry norms.

Following the release of his latest studio album Pleasure & Pain in Summer 2009, which really could be considered more an anthology of universal truths than a mere release, Streezy cemented his reputation as a storyteller and a diverse lyricist. The album provided a valuable lesson in resourcefulness and self-reliance for any independent artist.

Streezy’s remarkable progression as an artist throughout this year is a tribute to his incredibly hard-working nature and also his willingness to expand and perfect his skills. His latest mixtape also provided a number of talented Arkansas artists a platform to showcase their work and sent a much-needed signal of unity, which sadly the game seems to largely be lacking today.

Mike Streezy has had a phenomenal year and shown more improvement and artistic development than any other artist I have worked with this year. His ambition, creativity and drive know no boundaries and I for one am incredibly proud of his progression throughout 2009. Expect nothing short of great things for this man in 2010, as he will surely deliver.

On Tha

Mike Streezy-The Takeover 

In the little more than six months that have passed since Mike Streezy
released his very first solo album entitled Pleasure and Pain on his new
Independent record label Nod Ya Head Entertainment, quite a bit has
taken place.  He has been featured locally by Sync Magazine, he has been
selected as artist of the month  for, artist of the
week here at <>  (also, he is
now part of the daily operation with OTG) and on as
voted by the members, created a theme song for KABF 88.3's Arkansas
Showcase, has been featured as a guest blogger for several weeks at SEA
award-winning site and recently here as well, created a
rapidly growing website in, was recently selected as
Artist of the Year for 2009 by, and on Christmas Day
released an Arkansas-bred Emcee compilation that is currently available
100% free on entitled Mike Streezy and the A-State All Stars
Present United We Stand Vol I.  I guess you could say he's had a busy
first half year in the music game! 

I want to also point out the fact that every time RTLD Media was out
either doing street team work or just out supporting artists, Mike was
out doing the same thing.  I had come to the point were we just kept
running into him.  Now looking globally, Streezy has taken an approach
to the net by pushing music through blogs and websites often overlooked.
He has done mixtape tracks with artists in England, Australia and
several states across the United States appearing on over 15 mixtapes by
other artists.  He is also building a unique live show that incorporates
a live guitarist in Sebastian Tiaffo, dancers with choreography and
interactive elements to bring the music to life with expectations to
take the Rocktown across the United States stage by stage.  

With plans in the works to further build his live show, the imminent
release of his second LP, production of a music video in sight, and
upgrades making a full socially connected network
complete with user profile ability and posting functions, don't expect
Streezy to slow down anytime soon!  So keep watching because you might
just miss something.


Sync Weekly

Getting easy to be Streezy

Hip-hop artist heads back to the scene after hitting tough times.


By Shea Stewart (Contact)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


LITTLE ROCK — The rust is slowly disappearing for Mike Strong, aka Little Rock hip-hop artist Mike Streezy. The 12-track Pleasure and Pain album, self-released on Streezy’s own Nod Yo Head Entertainment record label and recorded by Mr. Big Shae and mixed by Big Key, both of Key Ingredient Music, was Streezy’s reintroduction to the local hip-hop scene after a few years wandering in the wilderness.


“Yeah, I’m proud of it, but that was me just wiping the dust off,” Streezy said. “What I have coming is so much better.”


Born in North Little Rock in 1982, Streezy turns 27 on July 20, but during the past couple of years the hip-hop artist has undergone a rebirth: finding himself in a nurturing relationship with his girlfriend Laura Beth, focusing on being a good father to his two daughters Alyssa Paige and Felicity James, going to church on a regular basis and working a solid 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job.


The new foundation of Streezy’s life is ages away from his former life: being involved in illegal activities and caught in the nasty web of a spiraling downward relationship. He lost custody of his children at one point and spent seven months with no job, car or cell phone.


“I just kind of thought I was done. I met Laura two years ago. It was finally somebody who wanted me to do good. Now I got somebody who will help me. That’s amazing. [The tough times] was what God needed to give me. We go through these things for a reason. I needed to grow up. Everything that happened to me had to happen to me.”


The tough times bleed all over Pleasure and Pain, but it’s also filled with joy and hope. Originally, Streezy planned to release a 12-tune album simply titled Pain, but after writing 27 songs for the album he re-directed his efforts, splitting the songs on the album between the two emotions.


“I started thinking that no one would want to listen to an album that made them feel terrible,” Streezy said.


Produced by Inertia (except for “Gangsta” produced by Eric Porter), Streezy networked on hip-hop and producing Web sites to collect the beats for Pleasure and Pain, spending a total of $440 on the album’s beats.


“I like Southern beats,” Streezy said. “And I like the sound we have from around here. But it doesn’t fit me. I had to go find the beats that fit me.


“We kind of picked out a sound that works for me.”


While Streezy’s hip-hop influences include Scarface, Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Tech N9ne (“I just look at the guys you see lasting,” he said.), lyrically his influences are country artists like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.


“It’s the stories they wrote,” Streezy said. “I’m more about writing stories like they did. I want to be the Mark Twain of hip-hop. I want to make it feel like you are there. When you listen I want it to seem like you are living it. I see different ways of telling stories. We deserve music that has a purpose.


“I want my writing to have meaning. I want to be remembered as a songwriter, not as a person who wrote songs limited on his daily life. I can be more than that.”


Growing up in a church-attending family, Streezy wasn’t exposed to hip-hop music until around 2000. But by high school Streezy and a friend were freestyling over Metallica and Smashing Pumpkin albums, and some friends introduced Streezy to hip-hop music.


“I didn’t like rap,” he said. “I’d heard people like Ginuwine, and I used to think that rap was a joke. I really didn’t know about it.


“Some people sat me down and explained to me the difference between rap and hip-hop. The more I learned, the more I listened, the more I started to respect it and love it and want to learn more about it. The big difference between rap and hip-hop is the culture. It’s also not filled with bland lyrics. It’s more about being an intellectual.”


3Threat Media
Mike Streezy is named 3Threat Media's First Fresh Face!

Fresh Faces: Mike Streezy

Despite his colourful past, Mike Strong is no gangster. Representing Little Rock, Arkansas, the man affectionately known as Mike Streezy to his fans hardly fits the stereotypical image of a rapper. Perhaps this is because he is far more concerned with returning to the actual music than concentrating on his image. Claiming to be ‘done with’ the gimmicks and clichés that often seem to go hand in hand with Hip Hop, Mike considers himself an author.

Conveying true human emotions and addressing real issues, the forthcoming album ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is almost as much a cinematic experience as a musical one, depicting a range of timeless characters and stories that people can really relate to. By focusing on the lyrical elements of his music, Mike is able to discuss a number of topics from dealing with loss or illness to the simple joys of falling in love. The album, which features a diverse range of tracks including the haunting ‘Writing You a Letter’ and the light-hearted ‘She’s So fresh,’ marks the return of lyrical Hip Hop.

Good music can evoke a number of emotions and listening to Mike Streezy certainly conjures up a range of feelings from pain and despair to hope and inspiration. A true lyricist, Mike’s music appeals to the contrary sides of our personalities and provides a cathartic insight into all aspects of our lives. Stating ‘I’m not here to be 2pac, Kud Cudi or Kanye,’ Mike Streezy is going to do things his way and if it has any sense the industry is going to take note.

‘Pleasure and Pain’ is out now!

Look out for the new mixtape single ‘Take It Back’ on

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