One of the few things I've heard from Hillary that I actually agree with: "I don't believe you change hearts..." Agreed. Men and Women cannot change another person's heart.

That's why we need the gospel. The gospel, the power of God for salvation, changes hearts. The cross of Christ Jesus changes hearts. 

Politicians and governments use the law and the justice system to "love" people by protecting them from other people who need new hearts, who need gospel change, that is more willing to die for their enemies than pursue their own "wellbeing." 

At the heart of each law (there should be a heart for each law) should be love for the people the law is in place to protect. Laws will likely change as people change. More open evil will likely require more clear and strict law and punishment. Less open evil towards others will require laws that protect in the areas that people are hurt. 

The "Law" of God, the Mosaic law, shows the heart of God to love the Jews in several ways. At its heart is peace and reconciliation, not avoiding all law breaking. God made it clear in His word that men are evil at heart and out for their own good. Therefore the law presents ways to punish and ward off evil that hurts people and the community. It shows His clear hatred for evil, but it also makes a way to pay for evil done so that people can move on and come together in peace to love each other. 

I love the law and could talk about the way He also made law to protect against sickness (like outbreaks), general health (like taking baths and cleaning wounds), and so many other aspects, but what is important here is that we, as those who are represented by lawmakers, understand that laws should have a heart to love people by 1) Clearly standing against specific evil done to our neighbors 2) Presenting a punishment worthy of the crime while 3) Maintaining hope once the crime has been punished by not removing a future from the lawbreaker if avoidable 4) and letting the law, justice system, and punishment/discipline (two different things from two different heart aims) serve its purpose so that we each choose to forgive and reconcile with those who have broken the laws.

If you miss any of those elements, the law fails. You have to keep love at the heart of the laws. The law won't change people. It serves its purposes.