Jesus is the perfect image bearer. God has revealed Himself in a unique way in Jesus. We see how God is as He lived in the world with mankind. He is the perfection of God in fully human form and perfectly fulfills the law. He is our head and our example. He is our Lord, our King, our God. He is also our savior. It has been the plan of God in His wisdom to save us from our sin. He has made this known in many ways, but we have now been given this gift in the person and work of Jesus. This broken world has many ways to point us to our need of help outside of ourselves. These pains and sufferings point us to the need for a savior. The ultimate pain is the bondage in sin. We need salvation from sin, its effects, and the masters who use it to enslave us to do their will. This is a ten minute meditation on some of these subjects and how Jesus has come and accomplished what we need as well as how Christians should follow Christ in building the church through gospel proclamation and discipleship.


How the cross and character of Christ affects our work in regard to finances. 

We look at tithes, offerings, kings, kingdoms, expectations, and burdens that can affect people in regard to finances. The revelation of the heart of man and the heart of God comes through the crucible of finances and the pressures that rest on them in the law(s). This is a way to think through taxes and giving in light of Matthew 17.



I hope your thanksgiving was filled with joy and fellowship. For some, it was lonely and painful whether or not the house was full. I am praying for you today. May God fill you with joy and peace as you read of God's plan to bring the presence of fullness of joy. We won't get into that part as much today. It's in the upcoming blog that links a lot of this together, but for all who are in Christ, we have become the living stones that are the work of Christ's hands in building the church, His eternal dwelling place. Whether anyone is physically around you or not today, God is by His presence. He fills His people by His Spirit and Word. Everything you walk through, He walks through with you. He goes before you, behind you, over you, and is in you. I know from personal experience that it doesn't always feel like Jesus is with you, but He is. And better than that, He will never leave you or forsake you. He was forsaken on the cross so you would never be forsaken. You are dear to Him. He calls you His own. He calls you beloved. As you read of God's plan, I ask you to look past the actions, or works that occur in the world to bring the plan into place, and instead look behind the plan at the heart of the one who Has determined to set His love on you forever. Behold, your God. Please pray this truth will seep into the hardest of hearts here in North Minneapolis. Thank you for journeying with us and praying with us. We can't see you, but I feel your prayers.




Today is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you who read this. There is much to be thankful for today. I am especially thankful for God's work to save me. I am thankful for His Word and for His people who teach it and live in it. There is no fellowship like that which comes by the cross of Christ through Jesus. I'm thankful for my wife and children. I'm thankful for good food and so many wondrous things God gives us to enjoy on this holiday. I am hoping you can join us in a prayer of thankfulness to God for all of the things He has done in his mercy with so much patience and love. We are so needy, yet God has given us all we need in the person Christ Jesus. There is no lack. Today's blog continues to look at God's work in changing names and the prophecy it tells us of what He is going to do in the particular man He names and in the world as a result. We shift to the New Testament and look at Jesus' work in the New Covenant. Tomorrow we will begin to explore the personal link for every believer. God bless you and your family this holiday and may you enjoy Him and be satisfied!



Tonight we will begin to look at God's work in changing people and the relationship with names they are given. God is doing a special work today. He is making His name great by building a body of people who carry His name...and His Holy Spirit. He does this by the word of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have had this promise from the beginning, but we will begin to see how powerful this work is in the life of a believer. This is about God's name and men's names that point to God's name. A changed name is a gift of the promise of God to make men new and to change them inside and out. Tomorrow we will go a bit deeper into the New Testament names and the link to Revelation 2:17. There is much hope in Jesus Immanuel. Please continue to pray for God's name to be lifted up in North Minneapolis. We are also praying for His people to join us here in this work.



Tonight's blog is about the change God works in the people He makes His own. We spend some time on the Holy Spirit which is the fountain from which righteousness flows forth from men. We also start to look a little deeper into the way God works in covenants. God is unchanging as is His pattern of work from the beginning. This is a hopeful thing for us. We can count on God to be consistent and faithful. Please pray for the Holy Spirit's manifestation to be visible in our lives. We want hearts that love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. Pray that this would spread to those in town who do not know Jesus today. Pray God would break through the darkness and reform people to the image of His Son and set them on mission with a burning passion for God's glory.





We continue to delve into some of the depths of righteousness and how it relates to God's Will on earth as it is in heaven. Tonight we look at a portion of a chapter on The Holy Spirit's relationship to our righteousness. To dig into this truth, we go deeper into the idea of covenants. We will look at the covenant promises and God's pattern of work in covenants to ensure blessing His people. The study of covenants under my friend and mentor Dr. E. Michael Rusten is one of the two most influential and life changing classes I took at Bethlehem College & Seminary as part of the Degree Completion Program for a Bachelor of Theology degree. I don't go nearly as deep as he did (and does), but I hope it blesses you. At the heart of your prayers (and ours) tonight for North Minneapolis, we are hoping the people here will move from a general knowledge of God to a special covenant relationship with Him in Jesus Christ. The promises that come with this relationship are needed in every Christian's daily life. They are not new promises. They are promises we have had from the beginning, but what we have now is the gift of the Holy Spirit. We take the Spirit of Righteousness, the Holy Spirit with us as we live in the community and we hope He will fall and baptize many who we gain an opportunity to share the gospel with as a result. Pray for boldness to proclaim the gospel and for help as we work through deeper, more granular parts of our church planting vision and plan.


ISSUE: God's Will-Righteousness (Part 6)

Tonight, we continue our study of God's Will in bringing forth His righteousness in Christ in the world. Our prayer is for North Minneapolis to be filled with the Spirit of Righteousness, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. We desire to see and savor Christ by the Spirit and through the Spirit's work in our lives and community. We pray the same for you and your community. May the whole world be filled with the righteousness of Christ which loves to do the will of God on earth as it is done in Heaven.


In 2012, after a time of preparation that included heart wrenching soul searching and administrational research and ground work, a group of us joined together to unleash Weapons of Our Warfare Records also known as WOOWR (pronounced WAR). WOOWR was birthed out of a desire to re-enter the industry that had been a effective tool against the Kingdom of God in my life and the lives of those I knew in my city. It was not an entirely new record label. I had been operating under a label I called Nod Ya Head Entertainment. NYH began around 2001-2002. It also started with a group of friends and supporters. The goal was to get as many of us out of a life of activity that was destructive. We wanted to change rap music to mirror the lives we lived trying to sort through the images and personas we were captivated and led by by merging what life was really like for us. I was a part of a group called Po’ Folks and we weren’t after the ritzy life of music videos. We wanted something different.




1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me,
    for the Lord has anointed me
    to bring good news to the poor.
He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted
    and to proclaim that captives will be released
    and prisoners will be freed.
2 He has sent me to tell those who mourn
    that the time of the Lord’s favor has come,
    and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies.
3 To all who mourn in Israel,
    he will give a crown of beauty for ashes,
a joyous blessing instead of mourning,
    festive praise instead of despair.
In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks
    that the Lord has planted for his own glory.

-ISAIAH 61:1-3

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