I got bored for a bit and went over to see what the current Pew Polls had going on. Guns and the election, 

But then I saw the Headline: Beyond Distrust: How Americans View Their Government

I had to read it. Some of it was boredom. Another reason is because I don't naturally trust the government. I had a few years listening to Alex Jones. That was enough to make me suspicious of Twinkies...and the announcement that Twinkies would no longer exist. But then they came back...just like a favorite character on Days of Our Lives or the Young & the Restless or something. 

Really, I have quite a few friends in positions as police, lawyers, and a judge or two with a sit-in somewhere in the mix. I know we have a sister from our church running here in Minneapolis. All of those folks are solid. They've been used by Christ to change my opinion of the corruption in our justice system. Maybe there is a switch taking place. I sure hope so.

Feel free to check it out for a summary of this graph among others at the Pew Poll site. I'd say I trust the government about 50/50. I think they try well, but the system is too complicated and expensive. The ROI is pretty far off. May the LORD help us to use His good gift of government to display the love of Christ. Yes, the government should be able to reflect Christ. We will need wise and holy men and women committed to laying down their lives to serve others while likely being hated. That's the truth ain't it? The hate is real. The opposition is thick. That's because a lot of power and influence are at risk. I pray we have a government led by Holy Spirit led, born-again believers who seek to obey Christ and reflect Him well in these roles. But do we want legit justice in line with God's government plan? 

Until then, I know God's kingdom was already announced as here when John the Baptist proclaimed Christ Jesus was present. He is resurrected, but that kingdom keeps spreading. He is going to take it all....whether its before or after He destroys the earth with fire and makes a new earth where heaven rests on its face and the Son's face is our light (aka that Sunshine)! Amen!