WOW! I was blown away by this message. It's not a new message. Brother Tim Keesey isn't saying anything we haven't heard before. 

But this is a message we need to be confronted with regularly. Jesus said "Count the cost." We choose and commit to taking up a cross every morning. If you don't, you need to consider what you believe. Christ gave us one law. Yes Christ Jesus gave us a law. Its applicable. We are required (that word required hurts at times), yes REQUIRED to love others as He loved us (and specifically the disciples). This is a love that abandoned the safety of communion with God, in Him, and with Him in Heaven, to pour out all that you are to become your enemy to stand in their place to die for them. Along that walk to the Golgotha He defended broken, diseased men and women and rebuked those who preyed upon them using His Father's name and word to rob and crush them. 

The prosperity gospel is a plague on the American church. We have even transported it out to the ends of the earth. Instead of freeing broken and diseased men, we send a false gospel that makes them twice the child of wrath than they were before we came. Let us turn from that evil and repent. Believe the gospel and believe in Jesus. Trust him and walk. 

This video is available via Desiring God. I grabbed it from their youtube channel. Feel free to check out their site and the Youtube Channel. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the message. The part that initially shocked...then convicted me was in regard to the way we have to view our children in light of the cross. Shoot me a mention on twitter. I have a tool on my homepage to help you do that. I'll try to tweet back. It's a discussion worth having. I hope it blesses you by freeing you to pursue Christ without any of the world holding onto you (and by it holding onto you, I mean you holding onto it) to pursue the only source of true joy--Jesus Christ.