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Mike Streezy grew up collecting comics, cards, pogs...basically anything an 80s baby could get their hands on. Mike is now looking to help you find your inner child by bringing the best in comics and collectibles right to your computer screen. We can ship all comics and collectibles to the U.S. mainland. Appliances and exercise equipment are local purchase and delivery only.

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Spider-Goblin was first seen (and only seen) as a toy way back in my early childhood. 

This is all speculation, so take it for what its worth, but this sounds like the type of character that could end up being in a movie or crossing over into other comics and making an impact depending on how the stories are written. 

Also, this is a special over-sized issue with the return of the Green Goblin and the new Spider-Goblin story arc.

There are a ton of great potential key comics coming out this week, but this is the one I am most excited about.

Plus, there is a Greg Capullo variant!


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