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Mike Streezy grew up collecting comics, cards, pogs...basically anything an 80s baby could get their hands on. Mike is now looking to help you find your inner child by bringing the best in comics and collectibles right to your computer screen. We can ship all comics and collectibles to the U.S. mainland. Appliances and exercise equipment are local purchase and delivery only.

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key of the week!

This week's Key Comic is…


WHY? The Last Ronin has become a very popular comic and the Turtles have been popular forever. 

They seem to defy aging.

Despite that, we are getting this new series with some new stories of the Turtles.

This issue contains the origin story of the new turtles. 

It's worth a read and worth stashing a copy or two back.

Happy hunting, friends!

Which book do you think is going to be the real key this week? Hit me up on X @iammikestrong 


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