Jesus is the perfect image bearer. God has revealed Himself in a unique way in Jesus. We see how God is as He lived in the world with mankind. He is the perfection of God in fully human form and perfectly fulfills the law. He is our head and our example. He is our Lord, our King, our God. He is also our savior. It has been the plan of God in His wisdom to save us from our sin. He has made this known in many ways, but we have now been given this gift in the person and work of Jesus. This broken world has many ways to point us to our need of help outside of ourselves. These pains and sufferings point us to the need for a savior. The ultimate pain is the bondage in sin. We need salvation from sin, its effects, and the masters who use it to enslave us to do their will. This is a ten minute meditation on some of these subjects and how Jesus has come and accomplished what we need as well as how Christians should follow Christ in building the church through gospel proclamation and discipleship.

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